Celebrating Venetian Glass with Bellini – and Bellini

Sunday, September 9th to Sunday the 16th, the Venetian Lagoon – notably Venice itself, the Murano island and Mestre – is hosting over 180 events that spotlight the supreme craftsmanship and myriad artistic expressions of the area’s glassmaking heritage: The Venetian Glass Week. The international festival, now in its second edition, features workshops, ‘open furnaces’, conferences, film screenings and performances, themed evenings and major exhibitions like the inaugural event at Museo del Vetro (Murano): “Mario Bellini in Murano” (opening night: 5 pm, Saturday 8). The eponymous, Milan-born architect and designer is a twentieth-century icon whose designs can be found all over the world, including the Louvre, Paris. Throughout a stellar career, he has celebrated Venetian glass, which he calls “a blaze of light and color”.

We could not miss his opening night (or the rest of his exhibition, which closes on March 3rd, 2019), not just for the happy coincidence of our own, peach-&-prosecco cocktail bearing the name of another great artist called (Giovanni) Bellini… But because how else can visitors toast to his splendid designs and objets d’art if not with a blaze of light, color and… flavor – our Bellini and Rossini Candonga cocktails?