Archive: September 19, 2019

Brut 47, newborn to our ‘sparkle heaven’

Since its very beginning over 70 years ago, Canella has had a penchant for two things above all: sparkle and innovation.

Our newest bollicine is a welcome addition to the range of Canella sparkling wines, with a special affinity for the on-trade market thanks to its solid quality and great value. A blend of Glera and Chardonnay or Pinot Bianco (depending on the respective vintage quality), Brut 47 is light straw yellow in color, with subtle and persistent perlage and a classic bouquet of breadcrust and croissant; crisp and lightly tannic on the palate, ideally paired with fish, fresh cheese and white meat.

A Golden Rose for our vintage Rosé Brut: one of Italy’s finest!

We are proud and honored to share the news: our vintage Canella Rosé Brut has been awarded 92 points by “La Guida al Bere Rosa 2019-2020”, the well-known Guidebook to the finest rosés in Italy.

Out of a whopping 2,570 rosati tasted from all over Italy, a mere 65 were deemed worthy of the Golden Rose, the guidebook’s top accolade. Our own Rosé Brut from Pinot Nero grapes is one of these select few.

Venetian classics at the city’s Historical Regatta

The first Sunday in September each year, Venetians and tourists from all over the world gather by the Grand Canal to watch this colorful water pageant. Participants then toast to the rowing virtuosos of Venice against the splendid backdrop of one of the city’s historic landmarks, Ca’ Foscari… with the most classic of Venetian aperitifs: Bellini.

A Man and a Woman… Venice and a Sailboat

Can you imagine a more romantic cocktail? Maybe just two: Bellini and Rossini.

True enough, both were on board the sailboats taking part in Lui e Lei: A Man and a Woman on a Sailboat, the September regatta organized by Yacht Club Venezia in partnership with Portodimare. All of the couples got a chance to toast to this delightful endeavor with our rosy Venetian classics.

We like to imagine that the movie buffs among them were humming that most evocative of soundtracks, the Academy Award-winning A Man and a Woman