Archive: July 27, 2018

The 2018 Bellini peach harvest has begun

“Peachy” means “wonderful” for a reason: a wholesome, juicy peach and its tender flesh are just about the best savoring experience you can think of. One of the most delectable of all – and the best suited to our Bellini wine cocktail – is a delicate white variety called Maria Bianca. Supremely fragrant, very sweet and mellow on the palate, the acidity levels are lower than yellow peaches’, the flavor, juiciness and aromas unbeatable. The white Maria Bianca peach is a rare variety, seldom found even in farmers’ markets because it is easily bruised – its creamy, rosy white flesh as fragile as it is exquisite. So once we found this was the perfect peach for Bellini, we decided to grow it ourselves: we needed to make sure the fruit that went into our cocktail was as wholesome, pristine and ripe as Bellini deserved.

The “Bellini peaches” are a joy to grow. The whole family, kids and grownups alike, love to walk around the peach groves at San Donà di Piave (three distinct locations so as not to put all our ‘eggs’ in one basket, lest the hail wipe them out in one fell swoop) and watch the fruit blush and ripen in the sun. It’s always a thrill when they’re ready for picking and harvest begins – never before the end of July or early August, since that’s when the fruit’s natural sugar and aromas are at their peak.

That day has come at last, and we’re happy to share it with all of you who, like us, love to chill in the summer heat with a glass of ice cold, all-natural Bellini – a cocktail of fragrant, sweet white peach and crisp, zesty white sparkle from Canella Spumante Brut.

This year’s harvest, by the way, is especially significant: it was exactly thirty years ago that Canella Bellini was born, in August 1988! As we painstakingly hand-pick the fruit of our labor, we’re grateful that once again, as Papà Luciano used to say, “the peaches are awesome”.


Bellini Fusion revisited

Do you recall our award-winning, 100% aluminum bottle, Bellini Fusion? We designed it in 2011 for such crowded outdoor events as Venetian New Year’s Eve or Redentore fireworks over St Mark’s in July. Ultralight, recyclable and unbreakable, the aluminum bottle is also ideal on board a boat or on the beach – wherever Bellini’s delicate white peach fragrance is best protected from the sunlight, and glass is best avoided: no shards, no overheating.

This summer will feature a restyled version of Bellini Fusion. Resting on our laurels is not in our nature – so we gave the 2011 Oscar for Design-winning packaging a couple of tweaks, making it even sleeker and more contemporary, whilst maintaining everything you loved about the previous bottle in place… Especially the contents: two parts Brut sparkling wine and one part white peach. The sole difference with our historic split bottle (designed in 1988) is its size – 25 rather than 20 cl.

So enjoy the five extra cl of ice-cold, peachy sparkle and chill in the sun with this nifty new version of a classic!