The new Rossini with Candonga® Top-Quality Strawberry

The finest strawberries from sunny Basilicata meet Veneto’s Brut sparkling wine in this new aperitif from the Canella winery, famed for their bottled Bellini. “Rossini Candonga” draws on Canella’s thirty years of experience in fruit and sparkle, now enlivened by the unique features of a strawberry like no other.

Once tasted, the Candonga® Top-Quality Strawberry is unmistakable. It is easy to recognize on sight, with its elongated, conical shape, brilliant red hue and small, fine achenes. On the palate, the fruit’s firm, crunchy red flesh, persistent aromas and lingering aftertaste are as delightful as they are distinctive, in their perfect balance of sugar and acidity.

The Candonga® Top-Quality Strawberry is rich in nutrients and low in sugar and calories, and is therefore recommended in low-calorie and low glycemic diets.

It contains polyphenos and flavonoids, characterized by their high antioxidant properties. The fruit’s purifying, detoxifying and remineralizing effects on the body and serotonin and melatonin-triggering, mood-boosting properties complete the profile of a strawberry that is both flavorful and wholesome.