Pink, Purple, Praio!

Riccardo Manente is a young entrepreneur from San Donà di Piave, like Bellini. Like Bellini and the Canella family, Riccardo believes in the fresh sparkle of Venetian creativity, in respecting the environment, in product that’s chic, cool, colorful and laid-back. In his case, we’re not talking cocktails but a purple fish logo on his very own, patented jersey material that hugs the body and redesigns comfort, craftsmanship and “street chic”.

The weekend of Sept. 26-27, Riccardo celebrates the Praio brand’s fifth anniversary in his Milanese showroom in via Tortona 9; it was in September 2010 – also during the Milanese Fashion Week – that the first Praio collection was presented. In just five years, the little purple fish has gone a long, long way. What better way to toast it than in Bellini pink?