Archive: May 26, 2015

Venetian Cocktail Celebrates Italian Cinema

The Nastri d’Argento Award or “Silver Ribbon” is the oldest and most prestigious of prizes to crown Italy’s finest productions for the silver screen. Judged and organized by the national association of film journalists since 1946, this year’s shortlist is to be announced on Friday, May 29th at the National Museum of Twenty-first Century Arts in Rome, the MAXXI.

Directors, actors, authors, nominees and glitterati will grace the red carpet and toast to Italian cinema with the star of Venetian cocktails, Bellini by Canella.

Star Chefs and Bellini Sparkle

Triennale di Milano, the famous Milanese venue in Parco Sempione – design museum and forum of the arts – will feature the 2015 edition of “Cibo a Regola d’Arte” (loosely equivalent to “The Art of Fine Food”) May 19th through 24th. Six days, six top chefs.

Saturday 23rd is consecrated to Carlo Cracco. During the evening’s Wine Experience, at 8 pm, Lorenzo Canella is to present that Venetian classic, Bellini, which the Canellas craft with all the care, attention to detail and fresh local ingredients you would expect of boutique production.

Chairing the event, journalist Marco Cremonesi of Corriere della Sera, Italy’s major daily.

Casabella & Bellini Toast to Young Designer Talent

Like the Canellas, the Grattoni family believes in craftsmanship and creativity, tradition and innovation. Founded in 1892, their stylish homeware brand – Casabella 1892 – organizes a competition for young architects, artisans and designers every two years: Progetto GB Grattoni. The “project” is named for Giovanni Battista, founder, father and craftsman whose passion and ability with wood inspired future generations.

The winners of the competition’s third edition are to be announced by Andrea Grattoni himself at the Casabella Cocktail Party from 7 pm on Friday, May 22nd, 2015. The party will be held at the Casabella showroom in Pavia di Udine, where Andrea and his staff will present the winning designs and share the brand’s latest news. Get ready for a sparkling get-together with young talent and cool Bellini cocktails.

A Date with Nicoletta and the Bellini Story

Officina del Gusto (literally, “The Flavor Workshop”), the lovely restaurant and coffee shop in Mestre, near Venice, is organizing a series of flavor-related soirees timed to coincide with the event of the year, Expo 2015. Their purpose is showcasing Italy’s top names in wine & food, especially the Venetian tradition and its “Art of Food”.

The inaugural event will star the famous cocktail and aperitif, Bellini by Canella: a Venetian classic that is crafted with all the care, attention to detail and fresh local ingredients you would expect of boutique production – only bigger.

“We believe in a tradition that connects terroir, history and family – with an innovative twist,” smiles Nicoletta Canella, who will be there in person to present the family’s collection of historic photographs and tell the story of Bellini.

The venue is Officina del Gusto, date and time Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 from 7 pm.