Archive: June 13, 2014

Venetian Duo Makes Its Stage Debut

Bellini Goldoni

Goldoni & Bellini: quintessential Venetians, two centuries apart. Together from June 21st until October, and again during the city’s famous Carnival. The venue is the Venetian Goldoni Theater; the event is the Goldoni Experience: Venetian Fresco – a medley and homage of classic plays by “the father of Italian comedy”. Directed by Giuseppe Emiliani for the Repertory Theater of Veneto, the best laughs from such classics as Una delle ultime sere di carnovale, Le massere, La putta onorata, Le donne gelose, Il Campiello and La bottega del caffè will be accompanied by the most joyful of cocktails: Bellini.

Bellini at the Venice Biennal


The Venice Biennial or Biennale sets the art world abuzz every two years; in odd years, it showcases contemporary art and films; in even ones, we have the Venice Biennial of Architecture. On the 6th of this month, the art world was not just abuzz – it was bubbling over with excitement, as Bellini bollicine inaugurated the event at Palazzo Bembo in Venice.