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Un Bellini per EmergencyBellini for a Good Cause

Anche quest’anno a Roma e a Milano, il Bellini non può certo mancare ai mercatini di Natale di Emergency. Se volete festeggiare il Natale stappando una bottiglia di Bellini, acquistatelo ai mercatini così farete anche beneficenza. i proventi, infatti, serviranno a finanziare i vari progetti di Emergency.

Bellini is keen to support such humanitarian aid organizations as the Italian NGO Emergency, which has provided free medical care to five million victims of war and poverty in the two decades since its foundation.
The organization’s yearly Christmas markets in Rome and Milan are a must for those who want to give Emergency a helping hand. If you buy a bottle of Bellini at these charitable events you can be sure the proceeds will go to one of the numerous Emergency projects: a way of toasting Christmas in the true Christmas spirit.

Il Bellini al Festival internazionale del filmA Venetian Star at the Rome Film Festival, November 8th-17th

Bellini club 7

Quest’anno, durante il Festival Internazionale del film di Roma, gli attori, dalle 18 alle 4 del mattino, potranno rilassarsi nella Lounge area Club 7 bevendosi un Bellini.

Bellini club 7

If you’re thinking of taking a “Roman Holiday” this mid-November for some serious starwatching, help yourself to the eighth edition of this glamorous event honoring the silver screen and “The Actor’s Craft”. In-between screenings, retrospectives, red carpets and interviews, actors from countries as diverse as Algeria and China, Sweden and Turkey, the U.S. and U.K., will be able to relax in the Club 7 lounge area 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. with complimentary Venetian cocktails…  Play it again, Bellini!

Una grande famigliaFamily Affairs

 bellini una grande famiglia

Il 21 ottobre è iniziata “Una grande famiglia”, la fiction che già l’anno scorso, con la prima stagione, ha appassionato milioni d’italiani. Interpretata da Alessandro Gassman, Stefania Sandrelli e tanti altri voti noti, durerà otto puntate ed il Bellini sarà presente in diversi momenti della saga familiare dei Rengoni. bellini una grande famiglia

Millions of Italians are glued to their t.v. sets from October 21st for the second season of “Una Grande Famiglia” (literally, “A Great Family”).  These eight new episodes promise an encore to last year’s phenomenal success for Season One.  The Rengoni family saga features such stars as Alessandro Gassman and Stefania Sandrelli, great favorites with Italian families.  Special guest star, our own Bellini cocktail.